November 26, 2017 - Gratitude - Ross Adelmann

November 26, 2017

While living life motivated by thanksgiving and gratitude is simple and cliche on Thanksgiving weekend, the reality simply is not easy. In this message we look at the power of gratitude to transform even the most difficult experiences in life with faith, hope and peace.


November 19, 2017 - The Other Side of the Fence - Pt 6 - Becky White

November 19, 2017

A Story of Finding God in Hardship


Becky shares her inspiring story of God becoming real, bringing hope, healing she could have never imagined.  If you've ever wondered where God is in hardship or disappointment, allow Becky's story to impact your life with hope for your future.


November 12, 2017 - The Other Side of the Fence - Pt 5 - Ross Adelmann

November 12, 2017

You Know...But Do You?


Let's just be honest, there are some things we know but just avoid.  One of those things is really critical to vibrant, honest faith.  Join us as we wrestle with that one thing.


November 5, 2017 - The Other Side of the Fence - Pt 4 - Jeremy Shelley

November 5, 2017

Fixing the fallacy of The Problem of Evil Debate.  This is how we should understand a good God in an Evil world.


October 29, 2017 - The Other Side of the Fence - Pt 3 - Ross Adelmann

October 29, 2017

What Jesus Says about God


After looking at things about Christianity that don't work, that need to be rejected, today we start discovering what it really means to be a follower of Jesus.


October 22, 2017 - The Other Side of the Fence - Pt 2 - Ross Adelmann

October 22, 2017

Running from Oversimplification / Many grew up with Jesus loves me this I know….why?  Because the Bible tells me so.  But for many the Bible didn’t make enough sense of your questions.  So, your faith came crashing down. What if there is a different, better way to find faith in Jesus love for you?   What if there is a different way to see the Bible that allows you to trust it as reliable?


October 15, 2017 - The Other Side of the Fence - Pt 1 - Ross Adelmann

October 15, 2017

Many of us grew up in the Christian church with childhood versions of the faith that couldn’t stand up to our adult questions and adult realities of life.  For some, those adult questions never got resolved and you jumped the fence, leaving the church or your faith.  What if you left for good reason?  What if you rightly rejected an overly simplistic childhood version of God?


October 8, 2017 - Community Service Sunday - Ross Adelmann

October 8, 2017

A short message of being the church in the community kicking off our WARM Quest to End Poverty 5K and 1K Family, food drive and festival.


October 1, 2017 - Your Life Mission - Ross Adelmann

October 1, 2017

We often turn our faith into things that are really the peripherals and the benefits.  But Jesus defines what it means to follow Jesus as being sent like the Father sent Him.  While that can seem daunting, in this message we examine how Jesus wants it to be accessible and practical for us.


September 24, 2017 - Outside - Pt 1 - Always On Your Mind - Ross Adelmann

September 24, 2017

What is always on Jesus' mind?  In all circumstances and situations in life, Jesus' all consuming passion and focus was all about people.  How can we reorient what is always on our mind to Jesus' focus and discover the same rich, rewarding impact in our own lives?