June 10, 2018 - Everyday Wisdom - Pt 6 - When People are Big and God is Small - Ross Adelmann

June 10, 2018

We all live with a virus in the background of our lives that all too often gets triggered, sabotaging who we wish we were, want to be and what is healthy in our lives. Join us as we explore this virus and the antidote.


June 3, 2018 - Every Day Wisdom - Pt 5 - The Will of God - Pt 2 - Ross Adelmann

June 3, 2018

We often get stressed about big decisions.  What is God's will?  Is it door 1, door 2 or door 3?  What if God's will is less about a door and more about a path.  Discover the pressure relieving freedom in looking at God's will more as a path than a door.


May 27, 2018 - Everyday Wisdom - Pt 4 - Our Words Have Power - Jeremy Shelley

May 27, 2018

Understanding the power of our words.  Solomon mentions over 90 times in the Book of Proverbs how powerful our words are.  Let's learn how to use them wisely.


May 20, 2018 - Everyday Wisdom - Pt 3 - Will of God - Pt 1 - Ross Adelmann

May 20, 2018

We often ask a good question, but not the best question to find wisdom. In today's message, we explore Proverbs to find that best question and understand why it is so much better.


May 13, 2018 - Everyday Wisdom - Pt 2 - Proverbs 31 - Wendy and Alexis

May 13, 2018

Proverbs 31, a Biblical passage most characteristic of feminine strength and beauty, is often misunderstood leaving women feeling burdened and men creating unrealistic expectations.  Join us as we examine how this Proverb is designed to elevate and celebrate strong women, calling them valiant, and what that means for both men and women in how we grow as people and celebrate our differences.


May 6, 2018 - Everyday Wisdom - Pt 1 - Wisdom - Ross Adelmann

May 6, 2018


Wisdom. What is it? What is the cost of living without it? How do we find it? And what is the best question ever if we want to be wise?



April 29, 2018 - We Love Our City - Pt 4 - A Life Redeemed - Alen Auguste

April 29, 2018


Every wonder if your simple actions of love toward those at risk or in need around you are making a difference?  Alen Auguste’s personal story will inspire you and encourage you to love and make a difference.



April 22, 2018 - We Love Our City - Pt 3 - Word and Deed - Ross Adelmann

April 22, 2018

We get hung up on the political correctness of sharing the Gospel with others that tends to create conflict in sharing faith, feel like we don’t have anything to give or don’t feel competent to share.  But fundamentally it really is making other people feel valuable, loved, cared about, wanted, by us and by God.  Join us as we discuss some practical ways to share God’s love in word and in deed.


April 15, 2018 - We Love Our City - Pt 2 - A New Reality - Ross Adelmann

April 15, 2018

We filter so much through our religious lens, taking so much pressure on us to live a good life. Through one of Jesus' most famous stories, Jesus throws us a curve ball that can completely change how we see reality and bring such goodness to life.